Video shows a motorcyclist ramming the back of a Florida Highway Patrol vehicle after the soldier suddenly braked

DAVIE, Florida. – Stunning video shows the moment a motorcyclist rammed the back of a Florida Highway Patrol officer’s car.

The motorcyclist who posted the video believes that the policeman intentionally stopped in front of him, causing the accident.

It all happened on Interstate 595 in Broward County, and while this pilot was ultimately found responsible for the crash, he believes the soldier’s actions could have killed him.

A second camera pointed at the rear of the bike showed the moments the vehicle took off, with the rider then thrown onto the pavement.

The Florida Highway Patrol says it is working to gather more information after video shows a soldier suddenly braking in front of a motorcyclist, who then crashed into the patrol car.

In the video, you can quickly hear what appears to be the state trooper telling the rider to stop chasing him.

The video, posted publicly on the Hyped Life YouTube page, is now the focus of an investigation after the rider claimed the soldier intentionally pulled over, causing the crash.

“He treated me like a biker, like every other biker probably, trying to stop me from running away or just pissed off because he hates bikes and wanted to get me out,” said the biker, who asked not be identified. 10 News. “He wanted to take my life”

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The crash happened earlier this month in the westbound lanes of I-595 just past the Weston Road exit in Davie.

In the incident report released by the biker, it is claimed that the soldier saw him driving recklessly, weaving through traffic and speeding.

In an attempt to slow the pilot down, the soldier activated his hazard lights and quickly slowed down, which is when the pilot rammed into him, according to the report.

“The worst thing is my lower back,” said the biker. “I was just very lucky and didn’t break any bones or anything like that.”

But it was the soldier’s maneuver that the rider believed could have resulted in more serious injuries or possibly his death.

“It was just traumatic,” he said. “I just feel uncomfortable with the police now.”

In the video, the biker was handcuffed, but he goes on to say he was never arrested.

Local 10 News has contacted the FHP, which said it is aware of the incident and continues to gather more information.

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