Utah Highway Patrol Releases Dramatic Video of I-80 Crash Involving Tractor Trucks, Car and UHP Vehicle

GRANTSVILLE, Tooele County – Video of a nasty crash on Interstate 80 near here shows the drama of the encounter involving two semi-trucks, a soldier’s SUV and a passenger car.

Injuries were somewhat minor in the tangle that left one of the semis on fire.

The Utah Highway Patrol released video Wednesday of the March 2 adventure as told via dashcam video and Private Sterling Saiz’s body camera.
The first element of the video shows the view from inside the soldier’s vehicle as he rears and slams into the back of a tractor-trailer.

The second video element shows the unfolding of the accident from the perspective of the soldier’s body camera.

Just before 10 a.m., the trooper stopped a tractor-trailer on a moving violation on I-80 westbound, according to a news release about the proceedings. The soldier was talking to the driver and co-driver of the tractor-trailer on the passenger side of the truck when another westbound tractor-trailer approached.

The tractor-trailer was changing lanes as it approached the scene of the traffic stop, hitting a passenger car.

“This impact caused the second tractor-trailer to veer to the right and hit the Trooper’s patrol SUV. This impact pushed the patrol vehicle into the rear of the originally stopped tractor-trailer.

“The second semi continued and turned counter-clockwise and rolled, closing all westbound lanes of I-80. After the truck rolled, it was completely engulfed in fire.

A load of eggs was strewn across the road.

Surprisingly, only minor injuries were sustained, to the driver of the second tractor-trailer and to the occupants of the passenger car.

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