“Upgrading Channarayapatana-Makutta Road to National Highway”

Appachu Ranjan MLA Madikeri MLA requested upgrading of the Channarayapatana-Makkuta road to a national road given the importance of Hassan and Kodagu for trade and commerce.

He met Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari, who is camping in Kodagu, and said it was a long-held aspiration of residents of two districts.

The Minister was briefed on the main features of Kodagu and said that it is a hill district known for its cultural vibrancy and hill products, besides attracting a large number of domestic and international tourists.

Mr. Ranjan also pointed out that the lack of good road connectivity is severely hampering the region’s economic prosperity and called for the upgrading of the existing road linking Channarayapatana and Makkuta, which is the link to Kerala and provides connectivity with India. Kannur International Airport.

Providing details of the existing road connecting the two districts, Mr. Appachu Ranjan said the Channarayapatana-Makkuta road passes through Holenarsipur, Arkalgud, Shanivarsanthe, Somwarpet, Madapur, Madikeri, Murnad and Virajpet and Makkuta and ends at the Karnataka-Makkuta border. Kerala.

It was declared ”in principle” as a national highway and connects largely underdeveloped or developing cities and towns in the state, but the current condition of the road was not only poor but substandard, said the deputy.

This leads to delays, bottlenecks and extended travel times, according to Appachu Ranjan who said the development of road infrastructure was not commensurate with the growth of traffic along the corridor.

Pointing out that the existing route passes through several towns, the MLA has been looking for bypasses to circumvent densely developed towns and villages to avoid bottlenecks.

”Kodagu’s tourism potential is not fully exploited mainly due to its poor accessibility. Madikeri is one of the major tourist destinations in Karnataka for trekking, nature walks etc. apart from being home to a host of places of tourist interest,” Mr. Ranjan said.

He said that the development and upgrading of the road to NH standards will help establish good connectivity between Madikeri and Kerala as the road will connect to the new Kannur International Airport while the travel time will be drastically reduced, Mr. Ranjan added.

Although a DPR and alignment plan was submitted to the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways in 2018, it had not yet been approved, according to the MP who urged the minister to speed up the process.

Mr. Gadkari who received the memorandum asked Mr. Ranjan to submit the details of the project and the cost estimate in addition to assuring to consider his suggestion for the upgrading of the existing highway.

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