There are no lights on 7 of the 13 km road between India Gate and Golden Gate, there is no risk of accidents for tourists returning after seeing the retreat.

Darkness prevails at night on the trunk road from Jalandhar-Pathankot to Bypass Attari Road. There are no street lights in many places on the highway, which poses a risk of accident for returning tourists after seeing the Attic Retreat. From the Golden Gate to Baya Chheharta Narayangarh Chowk, 7 km by 13, darkness sets in as soon as night falls. Two upper decks have utility poles and streetlights but do not light up. At around 8 p.m. on September 13, cyclist ASI Gurvinder, a resident of Chiddan village, died after colliding with a vehicle while on duty.

Police officers ASI Arun Singh and ASI Hardayal Singh, who patrol at night from Sant Nirankari Satsang Ghar mission to the bridge leading to Pathankot, located on the way from Golden Gate to India Gate, say that many accidents occur due to the lack of light on the highway. Sometimes they have to use torches to locate patients at the scene of the accident.

Accidents often happen because of darkness: Kanwaljit

Accidents often occur due to the lack of streetlights in the ring road. The government should install lights on the highway to limit accidents. Every day, hundreds of thousands of tourists return home on this highway after seeing the accident-prone attic retreat.

Darkness dwells in these places:

Half a kilometer before the Golden Gate Bridge, from Sant Nirankari Satsang Ghar, it remains dark on the bridge to Valla, Pathankot and near the BRTS bus stop. Even on Escort Hospital Road, there is no light for a long distance. Similarly, in front of Majitha Road Bridge, it remains dark at night on Khanna Paper Mill, Fatehgarh Chudiyan Road, Gumtala Bridge including Holy City and other roads. Sada Pind in front of the Mahal village bridge then 200 meters from Narayangarh Chowk, darkness persists.

Tenders will be launched from Chandigarh: NH agent

Lights will be installed from the Golden Gate to the Narayangarh Chowk Bypass. For this, calls for tenders will be launched from Chandigarh. About 6 crores will be spent on repairing and installing new lights. At the same time, the poles and signs installed in the ring road are stolen, the complaint of which has been handed over to the police.
Abdul Khan, National Highway Agent

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