Sioux Falls man leads highway patrol on 33-mile, 130-mph chase through Hanson County with kids in car – Mitchell Republic

ALEXANDRIA, SD — A Sioux Falls man faces serious charges after authorities say he led them on a 33-mile chase reaching speeds of more than 130 mph with children in the back seat.

Christian Jones, 22, of Sioux Falls, was charged with two counts of abuse or cruelty to a minor under the age of 7, one count of aggravated escape, one count of reckless driving and a host of other traffic violations related to the pursuit. .

Shortly before 3:30 p.m. Sunday, South Dakota Highway Patrol Trooper Shane Johnson was parked on the median of Interstate 90 near mile marker 346 when he observed a BMW that appeared to be traveling over 80mph. Using radar, he confirmed the vehicle was traveling at 86 mph.

As Johnson pulled down the road, the BMW, later known to be driven by Jones, accelerated to 126 mph. When Johnson caught up and activated his hazard lights, the vehicle failed to stop, then veered off the freeway onto South Dakota Highway 25, heading south.

While driving on SD 25, the soldier estimated that Jones had reached a speed of 210 km/h while passing tractors on the highway. The vehicle turned east on SD 262 and entered Emery city limits at 95 mph before heading up Main Street and back to SD 262.

Back on the freeway, the vehicle led the chase towards Alexandria, again reaching speeds of 130 mph and failing to slow through the city limits. Another soldier had deployed spike bands north of Alexandria to prevent the vehicle from accessing the freeway, but the vehicle turned west on 257th Street before the spikes.

The soldier noted that 257th Street is a rough gravel road, but Jones hit speeds of 110 mph on that stretch. He turned north on 416th Avenue and managed to avoid another set of spike strips placed by a Hanson County deputy. Maintaining a speed of 110 mph, Jones failed to stop at a stop sign while crossing SD 38, police say.

A passenger had opened the door several times while Jones was driving down 416th Avenue. He eventually stopped the vehicle just south of 247th Street and ran on foot into a field. The soldiers took their vehicles directly to the field and were able to arrest Jones.

Upon checking the female, authorities discovered that Jones’ vehicle was also occupied by a 6-month-old girl. Soldiers say they did not know children were present until the chase was over.

The passenger, who was not injured, told police she pleaded with Jones to stop the vehicle, but he refused.

Jones was arrested and charged with four felonies, four misdemeanors and one misdemeanor.

A first appearance was held Tuesday morning in a Hanson County courtroom, and he is due to appear again on March 30. He is currently being held in Davison County Jail on $10,000 bond.

If convicted, he faces up to 34 years in prison plus a $68,000 fine.

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