NHAI will build vehicle underpasses on three sections of national highway

Projects are to be done at a cost of around ₹100 crore to limit accidents

Projects are to be done at a cost of around ₹100 crore to limit accidents

The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) will construct Vehicle Underpasses (VUPs) with service roads at four locations on the national highways from Tiruchi to Karur, Madurai and Dindigul with a view to reducing accidents.

Major approvals were obtained from the NHAI headquarters, New Delhi for the construction of the vehicle underpasses at a total cost of around ₹100 crore. The locations identified are Veerarakiyam and Kodangipatti on the Tiruchi-Karur national road, Kodumbalur (Madurai) and Seelapadi (Dindigul).

A senior NHAI official said The Hindu Wednesday that the Kodumbalur project would be resumed initially as it was at the bidding stage. Work was due to start this month and the project alone was expected to be executed at a cost of over ₹20 crore. Financial approvals were awaited from NHAI headquarters for the remaining three VUPs. The plan was to complete them between nine and 12 months once the contract was signed. Kodangipatti, Veerarakiyam and Seelapadi VUPs would be built at a cost of around ₹34 crore, ₹20 crore and ₹21 crore respectively. They would be built based on representations from the general public and police department crash data collected and reviewed by the NHAI, the official said. Regarding the VUP project at Siruvachur on the Tiruchi-Chennai National Highway near Perambalur, which was slow to complete apparently due to the non-cooperation of the concessionaire, NHAI had now planned to complete the remaining part by taking it as stand to work alone after getting approval from his headquarters, the official added.

The VUP on the Tiruchi-Chennai Bypass Road near Iraniyamman Temple at Thiruvanaikoil in the city had been completed.

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