Missouri Highway Patrol Says It Didn’t Accept Marijuana Legalization Ad Featuring Agency

JEFFERSON CITY — A new ad from the campaign to legalize recreational marijuana in Missouri has caught the attention of the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

Legal Missouri 2022 unveiled three announcements this week touting Amendment 3, which would legalize recreational marijuana. Two of the ads use footage that appears to include at least one Highway Patrol soldier.

But Highway Patrol said it did not approve the footage.

“The Patrol is aware of the Legal Missouri 2022 ad featuring the Patrol,” read a tweet from the Highway Patrol‘s Twitter account on Wednesday. “The Patrol has not given permission for its emblem, name or images to be used and permission has not been sought.”

A screenshot of the Pro-Amendment 3 ad featuring highway patrol-like imagery.

Footage shows someone in a police uniform driving what appears to be a “state trooper” motorcycle down a winding road. As the image flashes across the screen, a narrator says “a vote for Amendment 3 is a vote to let the police focus on serious crime”.

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At another point, someone wearing what appears to be a soldier’s uniform opens the door to what appears to be a police vehicle.

The campaign ran a 15-second ad and a 30-second ad with law enforcement footage.

John Payne, campaign manager for Legal Missouri, said in a text message “Archival footage from our ad shows exactly why Amendment 3 will allow law enforcement to focus on tackling violent crime and serious”.

Highway Patrol spokesman Capt. John Hotz said Thursday afternoon that the patrol had sent the campaign a cease and desist letter, but a copy was not immediately provided. .

“I have not received such a document,” Payne told the Post-Dispatch, “but her images are available for clearance, and we have cleared her. We have every right to do so.

Former Gov. Eric Greitens came under fire earlier this year after he released a US Senate campaign video of a ride with Kansas City police.

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