Holiday Safety: Highway Patrol Keeps Watch


According to the Ohio State Highway Patrol, the July 4 holiday weekend officially began at midnight Friday morning and continues through Sunday evening.

The patrol reminds everyone that they have zero tolerance as part of their Drive Sober Or Get Pulled Over campaign.

During last On July 4 weekend of last year, 23 people in Ohio were killed in traffic accidents, and 12 of them were victims of alcohol or drugs. They say if you’re going to a party involving alcohol, plan ahead and designate a sober driver.

And they remind us to obey everything Traffic Laws

“You know, encourage people to wear a seatbelt. Wear a seat belt yourself. Make sure you are not driving while impaired. If you suspect someone is impaired, call 911 or #677 if it is safe to do so. The other thing is to end all distractions. There will be many vehicles on the road. One less thing you have to worry about. Put the phone away. All other distractions inside the vehicle as well. “

Lieutenant Maurice Waddell, Ohio State Highway Patrol Station Commander

Aggressive driving is also a problem on the roads.

The lieutenant says that when people are late and in a hurry, they get angry at other drivers who keep to the speed limit. He says if you see impatient or aggressive driving or incidents of road rage, call the patrol station and then back off. Do not stay near this vehicle.

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