Highway Patrol sees increase in traffic accidents over holiday weekend compared to last year | State News


CALLAWAY COUNTY – Over the Labor Day weekend, the Missouri State Highway Patrol saw an increase in accidents compared to last year’s vacation.

The time frame MSHP considers to be an activity on Labor Day weekend is 6 p.m. Friday until 11:59 p.m. Monday.

According to the MSHP, the 2021 traffic statistics include the following:

  • 351 accidents
  • 103 injured
  • 7 dead
  • 108 CFA
  • 71 drug-related arrests

F Troop, which patrols most of the KOMU 8 observation area, says it investigated 49 vehicle accidents, including six injured. Ten people were arrested for DWI.

One of the deaths occurred in the central Missouri area. Detroit’s mother, Renee Honor, died in Callaway County after her vehicle left Interstate 70, hit an embankment and overturned. Her son, who was in the vehicle, was slightly injured.

Last year, MSHP reported 278 accidents during the same period, including 140 injured. There were 146 arrests for impaired driving. In addition, they reported 18 deaths last year.

MSHP also released this year’s Labor Day preliminary nautical statistics:

  • 7 accidents
  • 4 injuries
  • 1 death
  • 6 IBW
  • 0 drowning
  • 18 drug-related arrests

The MSHP reported 20 boating accidents last year, including six injuries. There were seven arrests for navigation while intoxicated. Additionally, they reported one death last year and no drowning.

F Troop soldiers investigated four boating accidents, three of which were injured. Four people were arrested for IBW.

Some travelers say the ride home after the long weekend went pretty well.

Brandon Bartels drove four hours through Missouri from Kansas City to St. Louis.

Bartels said he remains on the lookout for vacation traffic.

“You watch out for the cops, you watch out for the trucks on the side of the road that have broken down so you want to get to the side,” Bartels said. “But pretty much the traffic has been nice so far.”

He said he also saw a lot of state soldiers on the highways.

“I saw a few cops arrest a few people,” Bartels said. “But no accidents so far.”

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