Highway Patrol reminds drivers to stay safe while on vacation


The Missouri State Highway Patrol reminds drivers to be careful when hitting the roads for a busy vacation day, during the last day of the Highway Patrol’s 2021 Thanksgiving Vacation countdown period.

The countdown period for the 2021 Thanksgiving holiday weekend began at 6 p.m. on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and ends on Sunday at 11:59 p.m.

So far, during this holiday counting period, MSHP website reports 76 accidents across the state. During the 2020 vacation tally period, soldiers reported a final tally of 321 accidents resulting in 72 injuries and 10 deaths.

Soldiers also made 100 DWI arrests during last year’s count period, with 78 additional drug arrests.

Additional soldiers patrolled all major roads in Missouri over the holiday weekend, such as I-70, Hwy 63 AND Hwy 54.

Corporal Kyle Green said Sunday would be an important travel day.

“Today is a very busy travel day, you can expect all major highways and highways to be quite busy,” Green said.

Green said it’s not uncommon for accidents to happen on days of heavy traffic and it’s important to drive safely.

“Make sure everyone has a seat belt, make sure you don’t speed up, make sure you don’t ride with someone who is impaired or yourself,” Green said.

Green said drowsiness is common when driving for long periods of time. Green recommends that drivers take occasional breaks to wake up.

The patrol said too many people die in crashes each year and driving safety must be a priority.

This year, soldiers said drivers should “make sure their vehicles are in good condition and are well rested before they start driving.” “Too many people die each year in traffic accidents in Missouri,” the MSHP said in a press release. “The choices you make while behind the wheel are important. “

Col. Eric T. Olson, superintendent of the Missouri State Highway Patrol, also reminded drivers to expect increased traffic during the holiday season and to prepare for changes to normal driver routes.

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