Go. State Police, NC Highway Patrol partner for I-81 blitz | Nvdaily

More than 600 citations were issued to commercial vehicle drivers along Interstate 81 in Virginia and Interstate 77 in North Carolina last month.

According to a press release from the Virginia State Police, the agency’s motor carrier security units have partnered with the North Carolina State Highway Patrol to conduct a commercial vehicle investigation, called “Interstate Fall Enforcement Blitz”.

Interstate 81 runs from Canada east of Knoxville, Tennessee, through the Shenandoah Valley. Just east of Wytheville, Virginia, it crosses Interstate 77, which runs just south of Beckley, West Virginia, and heads towards Columbia, South Carolina.

The enforcement period ran from Nov. 9 to 11 and resulted in the inspection of a total of 702 commercial vehicles by soldiers from the state of Virginia and North Carolina, according to release statements. Of those vehicles, 667 infractions were cited, 51 vehicles were taken out of service and 64 drivers were out of service, the statement said.

The most common reason drivers were taken out of service was because they exceeded the maximum driving hours imposed by the federal government, said Virginia State Police spokesperson Corinne Geller. The driver is required to stay off the road until he is back in compliance with the Code of Federal Regulations, Geller said.

“Once they are, they can move on,” Geller said by email. “This violation is common due to the timing of the year and supply chain issues as the urgency and need for commercial vehicles outweighs the number of available drivers.”

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