Georgia Highway Patrol adds Camaros to its fleet

It’s no secret that Georgia State Troopers are aggressive in reducing the acceleration of their interstate lanes. Local news agency 13WMAZ just reported that the GSP has just upped the ante by adding 2022 Chevrolet Camaros to its high-speed fleet. The first Camaro, wearing Georgia HP blue and gray, was presented to Private Michael Brock of Forsyth, Georgia.

From the Georgia Department of Public Safety Facebook page: Our first Chevrolet Camaro patrol car was recently issued to Post 44 Forsyth TFC3 Justin Brock #540. Pictured with TFC3 Brock is Major Kendrick Lowe, Warrant Officer North, Col. Christopher Wright, and SFC Brad Walker, Post Commander, Post 44 Forsyth.

Of course, Brock explained that the main purpose of the new cars will be to cater to street racing and “super speeders,” those unlucky souls who find their heavy right foot carrying them beyond the posted speed limit. The State of Georgia defines a super speeder as anyone traveling at 75 mph or more on a two-lane highway or 85 mph or more on any road or highway in Georgia, including interstates. In addition to court-imposed fees and penalties, a super speeder must pay an additional $200 fee to the state. The reason for opting for the Camaro becomes clear, as Private Brock explains: “Zero to 120 or 100 mph is much faster than the Dodge Charger, which makes catching vehicles much easier.”

Discreetly decked out in all the paraphernalia necessary for the intended task, such as flashing lights and sirens, the color of the car will be the only gift in which the long arm of the law resides. And of course, the “Georgia State Patrol” written on the sides of the vehicle will let you know you could be in trouble too. Once these lights start flashing, you’ll likely find yourself chatting with Private Brock or one of his henchmen.

Camaros will also serve as a recruiting tool for new soldiers. The Georgia State Patrol hopes the new cars will welcome new recruits to the force and serve as an unwanted counterweight to those destroying the state’s highways well beyond posted speed limits. You have been warned.

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