Florida Highway Patrol sees increase in fatal car crashes


PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WJHG / WECP) – “Come alive,” a motto the Florida Highway Patrol supports as it works to protect the people of the Panhandle. But recently, deadly car wrecks have increased.

“We have certainly had a lot of fatal accidents since Friday,” Lt. Jason King said.

These three accidents resulted in the death of six people. So far this year, King said he responded to 58 fatal accidents.

“This year, since the start of the year, we’re down to 72 lives that we’ve lost because of those 58 accidents,” King said.

Compare that to the whole of 2020, where King said he responded to 62 fatal crashes.

“Last year there were 78 out of 62 lives for the full year,” King said.

In Bay County alone we have had 26 fatalities to date. Compare that to the 20 fatal crashes in the county last year.

“There is usually human error or some contributing factor that led to the loss of a life or an accident on its own,” King said.

King wants to educate drivers, pedestrians and motorists about safety on the road.

“Just put on the distraction device, fasten your seat belt and drive at an environmentally friendly speed. So if it’s not lit or it’s not well lit, slow down a bit and ride inside your headlights, ”King said.

King said to do the “what if” game or a plan you made yourself while driving.

“And if a car crosses a lane, what am I going to do?” Can I go this way or can I go this way? Or should I hit the breaks? What if a tire bursts and my car behaves strangely, what should I do? Said the king.

Questions that might help keep you and others safe, which is Highway Patrol‘s top priority.

“When we apply, when we educate and sadly when we react to fatal scenes,” King said.

Deadly scenes that the Florida Highway Patrol is working to prevent so you can arrive alive.

King said their worry was Thanksgiving and Christmas, as well as the upcoming time change, making the roads darker earlier. He adds that they hope these safety tips will help curb the numbers for the last two months of the year.

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