Encroachments along the national road removed


On Tuesday, officials from the National Highways Authority of India, along with Kadayanallur Municipality, removed encroachments for about 4 km along the busy Kollam – Thirumangalam National Highway.

After the public and various associations submitted petitions to Collector S. Gopala Sundararaj complaining about the illegal structures sprouting up like mushrooms along the Kollam – Thirumangalam National Highway to dangerously narrow the very unofficial lane, the Collector asked officials of the NHAI to launch a campaign against encroachment after serving. mandatory notification of encroachments.

Subsequently, the NHAI issued notices to the invaders asking them to remove the illegal structures within 2 weeks from the date of receipt of the warning.

While more than 60% of shopkeepers and others have removed their illegal structures – mostly shadehouses erected in front of their stores – the illegally laid concrete sidewalks and slabs covering the drainage channels in front of the stores have been removed along with the civil engineering help.

“The illegally built permanent structures that occupy the road behind the hospital bus stop will also be removed shortly,” officials said, who erected billboards warning of encroachments of legal action.

Deputy Executive Engineer, NHAI, Rajendran and Deputy Engineer Siva Nandhini and Kadayanallur Municipality Town Planning Inspector Krishnakumar spearheaded the encroachment eviction campaign even as deputy-led police Kadayanallur Kanagaraj’s inspector provided protection.

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