California Highway Patrol: Burning Man vehicles break down

Donner Pass has a lot of history as a treacherous mountain pass, but this week the California Highway Patrol said a new group of travelers risk being stranded: people traveling to Burning Man in “unusual vehicles “.

The week-long event in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert begins Sunday. Some Californians planning to attend began driving east on Interstate 80 over the Sierra Nevada Pass in their artistic and “creative” vehicles.

CHP’s Gold Run office patrols the 38-mile stretch of I-80 in Placer and Nevada counties with elevations of 2,400 to 6,200 feet. Such unauthorized vehicles might be fine on the plains, the CHP said, but some have broken down going uphill.

A Facebook post showed some of the Burners’ unlucky cars: a broken down truck with what looked like a white church on the back, as well as a car that could have been a rusty boat – other photos shared by the CHP somehow defied description.

“If you want to go to Burning Man,” the CHP wrote, “make sure you don’t exceed the length, height, or width, fill (off) your fluids, check your tires, and bring a spare tire and extra fluids.Also make sure everything is properly secured so we don’t end up with decorations littering our beautiful mountain pass.”

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