Black Lives Matter Damaged El Dorado County Road Signs


Black Lives Matter El Dorado County Adopt-A-Highway Signs Vandalized about a month after the group joined the program.

The organization has adopted four sections of the highway, totaling 10 miles, stretching from Placerville and Shingle. According to Caltrans spokeswoman Raquel Borrayo, three of the four Adopt-a-Highway signs placed with the text “Black Lives Matter” have been vandalized.

One of the panels had the text “Black Lives” crossed out while another was removed completely.

“It’s a means of bullying, and it was specifically focused on black lives,” Michelle Greene, organizer and co-founder of Black Lives Matter El Dorado County, tell ABC10.

It is not known who damaged the panels.

The Adopt a route program is an “avenue for individuals, businesses and organizations to help maintain roadside sections within the California State Highway System,” according to the Caltrans website.

Greene told ABC10 that the Adopt-a-Highway program is “a way for us as an organization to be very active participants in our community.”

The permit with Caltrans involves a five-year commitment to clean the section of the highway at least 12 times a year. Participation in the Adopt-A-Road program may include garbage disposal, tree planting and establishment, graffiti removal, and vegetation control.

Caltrans was made aware of the incident on Thursday. Maintenance crews would go to the panels on Monday to examine the damage, Borrayo said. Teams are looking to remove graffiti or replace signs while waiting for damage.

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