Barricades on the Trichy-Karur national road causing accidents | News from Trichy

TRICHY: Instead of regulating traffic, barricades placed on the Trichy-Karur national road in the city and suburbs of Trichy are causing accidents, say frequent commuters on the stretch. Residents of rural hamlets around Jeeyapuram who visit Trichy town via NH have asked the District Police and National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) to regulate where barricades have been placed on the two lanes.
Between Kudamurutti Bridge near Mallachipuram which marks the end of the Trichy Corporation boundaries and Pettavaishalai near the border of Trichy-Karur districts, barricades have been placed around 10 points. Steel barricades near Pettavoirhalai and Jeeyapuram have been identified as the riskiest places by frequent commuters as trucks and buses approach the barricades placed in a zig-zag pattern at high speed. During the night hours, as the highway is already dimly lit, the areas where barricades have been placed give two-wheeler riders nervousness.
“The barricades placed on Karur NH did not reduce the frequency of traffic accidents. Instead of placing barricades only in required places, they were placed in many places without discussing them with local people,” said P Aiyarappan, President of the Road Safety Users Organization. , Cheat. To some extent, the cars also struggle to negotiate the barricades as impatient truckers cross the narrow space of the barricades at good speed.
Road users also urged police to place warning signs at least 50 meters in front of places where barricades were positioned. Sometimes, vehicles traveling too fast realize the presence of barricades too late, to brake suddenly before hitting the steel structures. Trichy District Police Superintendent Sujit Kumar told TOI that he would examine the places on the highway where barricades were placed.

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