As ND Highway Patrol troopers respond to stuck cars and crashes, they urge residents to stay home

BISMARCK, ND (KFYR) – Due to the dangerous and rapidly changing conditions on the roads of North Dakota, residents have been asked to stay at home, but the soldiers are in full force. They help stuck people, stuck cars and accidents.

North Dakota Highway Patrol Troopers responded to 12 crashes as of 1 p.m. Tuesday. The soldiers thankfully say that none of the accidents have been serious so far.

“There has been a decrease in traffic along the roadway. Which is good. I think there was enough notice of this storm and people were prepared. But that’s just the beginning,” said Sgt. Wade Kadrmas with the North Dakota Highway Patrol.

Soldiers are ready if conditions worsen.

“We have coordinated with the State Department of Emergency Services and other state departments to place snowmobiles and statewide resources in areas that we know will be assigned to the in case we had to use them,” said Sgt. Kadrmas.

The soldiers say the best thing to do is to stay at home.

“If for any reason you feel you need to leave your residence, please be sure to let your family members, friends know where you are going. That’s the last thing we want is someone wanders off and no one knows where he is, and then after the storm passes, we eventually find him,” said Sgt Kadrmas.

Road conditions have deteriorated to the point that highways are closed, and bypassing barricades is not only illegal, but if soldiers are called in to rescue motorists who ignore road closure barriers, they could face penalties. a fine of $250.

Troopers say they are working with counties and the Department of Transportation to ensure emergency responders can get to anyone who needs help.

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