A gang of highway thieves arrested

Claw: South Coastal Range DIG Dr CM Trivikram Varma and Prakasam SP Malika Garg announced that district police have arrested the mastermind behind the interstate highway robberies and are tracking down the remaining members of the gang. They said the police recovered items and cash worth Rs 23.60 lakh from the accused, 91% of the Rs 25.90 lakh of looted property.

Explaining the kingpin’s arrest, DIG Trivikrama Varma said that on August 14, 2021, Gudlur Police recorded a case of stealing boxes of DOLO 650 tablets from a parked container by breaking into it. As similar offenses have already been recorded in Tangutur, Sri City, Kovuru, Bangarupalem, Kanipakam, Dagadarthy of Chittoor, Nellore and Prakasam districts over the past few weeks, DIG and SP have taken notice and ordered Kandukur police to track down and catch the criminals.

They formed teams with Kandukur DSP K Srinivasuku, Kandukur CI Sriram, Gudluru SI K Mallikarjun, SI Kandukur, Ulavapadu and VV Palem and their staff and started the vigilance. Based on the intelligence, the teams traveled to Tamil Nadu and met with the officials to gather information on the criminals who were stealing trucks and containers using their EICHER truck.

Meanwhile, a similar crime was reported in Isukadarsi on August 27, 2021, in which the robbers looted 23 bags of ready-made clothes and were heading towards Tamil Nadu in the EICHER truck. Based on this information, Kandukur police observed the said truck at the Tangutur toll and attempted to arrest it. However, the criminals escaped leaving behind the truck and the stolen property.

Since then, police teams stationed in Tamil Nadu have successfully tracked down the mastermind of the robberies, Masilamani Prakash from Mannadi to Chennai.

DIG said Prakash formed a gang with Muthu, Pon Raj and Kumar from Chennai and robbed trucks and containers parked on the national highway by forcing them open. They immediately decamp to Chennai with the looted goods and items in their truck and sell the property at Moor Market in Chennai, Friday Bazaar in Meenambakam and Zummerath Bazaar in Hyderabad to earn quick cash.

The DIG said the accused was involved in 10 crimes in Chittoor, Nellore and Prakasam districts in 2021, and the search for the remaining gang members was ongoing. Trivikrama Varma appreciated SP Malika Garg, DSP Srinivasulu, CI Sriram and their team members for catching the kingpin and identifying the remaining gang members, and offered congratulations

certificates to them.

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