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FARGO — The heroic deeds of three citizens and a North Dakota Highway Patrol soldier earned them the agency’s Colonel’s Achievement Award.

Two of the citizens helped stop a man from jumping off the Interstate 29 overpass over 13th Avenue South in Fargo.

Mitchell Lau Jr. of Moorhead was in his truck on October 11 on the freeway when he pulled his vehicle across the road to prevent motorists from running over the man who had jumped out of a vehicle. Lau then pulled the man from the overpass railing where he was trying to jump down to the avenue below.

The man was struggling with Lau and screaming that he wanted to die.

Fargo’s Andrew Revier was also on I-29 and stopped his vehicle to help Lau hold off the stricken man until emergency crews arrived and took him to Sanford Medical Center for treatment for his injuries.

North Dakota Highway Patrol recognized Andrew Revier, center, and Mitchell Lau Jr., right, for stopping a man from jumping off an Interstate 29 overpass in Fargo on Oct. 11, 2021. Jumper Ves Marinov, left, nominated Revier and Lau for awards.

PNDH photo

In another incident, Elizabeth Romaine of Wahpeton was traveling south on County Road 81 south of Fargo on Nov. 30 when she saw a house on fire near 124th Avenue South.

As a member of the Dwight Fire Department and a Richland County emergency dispatcher, she immediately called 911 and drove to the farmhouse where the house was engulfed in flames.

Fargo rider Bennett Strege was also in the area and responded to the scene.

The two found the owner on a ladder removing pets from the house. They helped her and put the pets in a nearby shelter. They also convinced her to get away from the dangerous flames in the house.

Meanwhile, the owner was trying to move a burning tractor away from the house. His clothes caught fire and Strege asked him to roll in the snow to put out the fire, Romaine helping the man.

After the man put out the flames on his clothes, Romaine made him wait in his hot vehicle until an ambulance with medics arrived and treated him. The house was a total loss.

The Colonel’s Award is presented by the Superintendent of the North Dakota Highway Patrol to employees and citizens for actions that benefit the patrol and the state.

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